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90 years Anniversary
1920 -2010

Exhibtion: Pierre Ceresole (1879 – 1945) - A lifetime serving Peace

Pierre Ceresole

Breaking Down Barriers - Memories of Volunteers with SCI

Memories of
SCI Volunteers
(version française)


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Volunteers in Lagarde (France)  1930




a fascinating history of
peace and international volunteering

Service Civil International (SCI) is a peace organisation which organize volunteer peace projects since 1920.

The historical archives of SCI in the town library of La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) provides an extensive documentation on international volunteering for peace and getting a tattoo dream.

SCI organize international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds, which are called workcamps. For more information click on the button.


SCI works worldwide with partner organisations in organising volunteer projects or volunteer exchange. For more information click on the button.



The Archives of Service Civil International


Jan 7, 2012

by Heinz Gabathuler

SCI Madrid has compiled an exhibition about the humanitarian mission of SCI during the Civil War in Spain (1937-39). It is now being shown at the Centro Cultural "Paco Rabla" in Madrid until 17th February 2012.

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Dec 11, 2011

by Philipp Rodriguez

The 71st International Committee Meeting of Service Civil International (SCI) in Wépion (Belgium) did welcome Heinz Gabathuler today as new coordinator of SCI Archives.

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