Archives of Service Civil International – Files

The SCI International Archives owns a large collection of documents related to the history of SCI. The documents are stored boxes and files. Every file has an archives number which refer to the box and the section.
The archives index offers subject based to search.

SCI International Archives Catalogue

Archives no. Title Lists

Books and publications
10100 Publications written by and on Pierre Ceresole  boxes    files
11100 Publications by and on SCI  boxes    files
11500 Publications on Alternative Service  boxes    files
Other archives
11200 In memoriam of SCI members  boxes    files
11300 Fritz & Miggi Baumann-Thalmann Estate  boxes    files
11400 Archives Collections  boxes    files
Archives of services and workcamps
20000 SCI Services  boxes    files
Archives of SCI branches and groups
30100 France  boxes    files
30200 Switzerland  boxes    files
30300 Great Britain  boxes    files
30400 India  boxes    files
30500 Sweden  boxes    files
30600 Norway  boxes    files
30700 Spain (Madrid)  boxes    files
30800 Greece  boxes    files
30900 Netherlands  boxes    files
31000 Germany (Federal Republic)  boxes    files
31100 Austria  boxes    files
31200 Italy  boxes    files
31300 Belgium (Brussels)  boxes    files
31400 Belgium (Flanders)  boxes    files
31500 Finland  boxes    files
31600 Denmark  boxes    files
31650 Iceland  boxes    files
31700 Algeria  boxes    files
31800 Pakistan  boxes    files
31900 United States of America  boxes    files
32000 Palestine, Israel  boxes    files
32100 Japan  boxes    files
32200 Ireland  boxes    files
32300 Thailand  boxes    files
32400 Sri Lanka  boxes    files
32500 Mauritius  boxes    files
32600 Bangladesh  boxes    files
32700 Malaysia  boxes    files
32800 Canada  boxes    files
32900 South Korea  boxes    files
33100 Nepal  boxes    files
33300 Northern Ireland  boxes    files
33400 Catalonia  boxes    files
33500 Slovenia  boxes    files
33600 Hungary  boxes    files
33700 Poland  boxes    files
33800 Romania  boxes    files
33900 Australia  boxes    files
34000 Belarus  boxes    files
34100 Croatia  boxes    files
34200 Serbia  boxes    files
37100 West Asia, Middle East  boxes    files
Archives of SCI international coordination
40000 International Co-ordination  boxes    files
40800 East West Co-ordination  boxes    files
41000 Asian Co-ordination  boxes    files
42000 European Co-ordination  boxes    files
43000 Co-ordination in Africa  boxes    files
44000 Co-ordination in Latin America  boxes    files
46000 International Commissions and Working Groups  boxes    files
51100 SCI Finances of International Co-ordination  boxes    files
53000 SCI Insurance Scheme  boxes    files
Archives of international cooperation
50000 LOIWCO and AIWCP  boxes    files
50100 CCIVS  boxes    files
50200 UNESCO  boxes    files
50300 United Nations  boxes    files
50500 Council of Europe, Strasbourg (F)  boxes    files
Media archives
60000 Photos  boxes    files
62000 Diapositives  boxes    files
63000 Printing Blocks  boxes    files
64000 Tapes  boxes    files
65000 Exhibitions  boxes    files